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The unflattering, absurd side of the human psyche is normally suppressed or ignored in this rational and sterilised society; Breinskade celebrates it. (Think Dada, Surrealism, Absurdist Theatre.) Humor, bad taste and aesthetic unacceptability are the foundations of the project, which is why there are no “nice songs” with intricate chord structures and clever bridges.

The first Breinskade recording saw the light in 1994, when Paul Riekert (Battery9) started to make Rotterdam gabba-inspired tracks (with a distinct local flavour) as a hobby. A 6-track cassette-only release, Bierbaard, followed and sold surprisingly well.

A silly suggestion to perform Breinskade on stage led to the forming of a “performance art ensemble” by Paul, At Nel (Somerfaan) and Huyser Burger (DJ Fokolnonsens). The show was exactly 10 minutes long, brimming with absurdity, humour, unpredictability and violence; the set and props (consisting of failed consumer electronics) were smashed to bits in the last minute. This is still the only predictable minute of the show, the the other nine remain an uncomfortable surprise.
Permanente Skade (1994-2005) documents this madness, with a collection of tracks spanning the eleven years in the title.

An unsettling document of urban paranoia and terror, that will either leave you feeling happy and relieved, or will have you scuttling to the medicine cabinet for a tranquilizer.